Monday, August 31, 2009

Loop reviews ikon

Eventless Plot the Thessaloniki, Greece-based trio delivers an electro-acoustic sound using clarinet, piano, melodica, guitars, and processed electronics.
"Ikon" is their fourth release to date after some splits and compilation appearances in independent labels.
They blend keyboards, glitchy snippets and jazz like sounds. The effect is a flickering tension between improvised and composed ambience.
The omnipresence piano notes on “Ikon 3” give classical touch alongwith digital sound bits, a perfect soundtrack for a thriller. “Habit Habitant” continues these dark passages with deep keyboard lines that go beyond the horizon. Stunning! On “Two Season and Autumn” merged slide acoustic guitar sounds and domestic found sound objects that interact perfectly.
“Ikon” is a gorgeous album where improv compositions and more structured ones are well-balanced.

Guillermo Escudero
August 2009


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