Friday, July 03, 2009

Vital Weekly Reviews Eventless Plot

Also from Greece are Eventless Plot, who released a split album with Good Luck Mr Gorky which was reviewed in Vital Weekly 618. Eventless Plot is a three piece group ‘using a variety of organs, analog sources, field recordings, as also electronics and processed sounds’, although elsewhere it is mentioned that they use clarinet, piano, melodica and guitars. Whatever, me thinks. Its not that important, the result here is what counts and the result is great. This is not music that is easy to classify. But things come close to some of the music on 12K: glitch like, ambient, atmospheric, but there is throughout a feeling of jazz and post rock to be detected in these pieces. The piano plays softly in the background, the clicks produce a jazzy rhythm, and the organs are nicely adrift. Not very outspoken this music, but rather introspective and throughout highly atmospheric, but they do reach firmer, more solid ground at times, such as in ‘Habit Habitant’. Throughout an excellent debut album

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