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eventless plot | good luck mr. gorsky

eventless plot | good luck mr. gorsky. split cd. out now.

There are three people behind Good luck mr. Gorsky. The band was formed in Thessaloniki and this is their first release. In the past the band had participated in two compilations, ‘bits of quartz glitter’ (granny 2005) and ‘non linear views’ (no label, 2006) including artists like Theodore, neon, 2l8… The band’s compositions are based on natural sound sources and various instruments; all processed live, through sound and loop manipulations.

Eventless Plot is a three-member band from Thessaloniki. Their music moves around experimentation by using software, synths, processed guitars and other strange or not instruments. They have taken part in ‘non linear views’ compilation (no label, 2006) including artists like Theodore, neon, 2l8… and in ‘yuria’ compilation (vm recordings, 2008) with artists like Leafcutter John, Spyweirdos, Vokal Idiot…They have also released a 7”split single with Italian composer Mescalinaeden for Gracetone Recordings label.




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“Chromes” by Good Luck Mr. Gorsky mixes the slowly meandering beat of what could be an acoustic version of dubstep with the polished yet intellectually refined jazz ambience of early ECM circa Mick Goodrick or Gary Burton, then adds some electronic crackles and a female voice as ephemeral and adrift in its own world as the best of music from iceland. Yet the tree piece Good Luck Mr. Gorsky, who open up this split-CD, are from the European geographic opposite of iceland, Greece. Throughout their three tracks on this split Good Luck Mr. Gorsky stay within the slowly moving area, defines its own track with a distinct yet warm bassline and the rest of the instruments playing around it. The ECM-ambience is further enhanced when a glockenspiel comes up for a solitary moment in “olchim”, the third track.

Eventless Plot, their partners on this release, are also a three piece band from Greece and they dive into associated musical waters, though their mix is somewhat more complex yet more experimental. All six tracks on this unique release are delicate examples of fine, intuitive composing and a sort of musicianship, where a certain feeling counts more than craftmanship. They also mix a little electronic trickery with acoustic instruments, starting off with a low hum overlayed with various things at once, which after Good Luck Mr. Gorsky makes you think of some more dubstep influenced postrock. But inspite of the dark and brooding urban nightscene atmosphere there is a few suprises up around the bend. For instance when vocal samples effectively destroy a song at the end or when relentless feeping sounds introduce a shattering silence of glass chimes, or when “gramma” develops from tiniest beginnings to a mountain of layers of sounds.

“Organisa” takes the listener on a slow drift through an underground tunnel resonant with guitar shadings, horns that cry like dying animals, and other disturbed noises. In the equally slow-moving dirges “Chromes” and “Olchmin,” monotone voices and glockenspiels bleed over curdling bass and drum rhythms. One might liken Good Luck Mr. Gorsky's gloomy post-rock experimentalism and nocturnal jazz guitar shadings to a diseased Labradford.

Armed with synths, processed guitars, and other instruments, Eventless Plot is kindred in murky spirit to Good Luck Mr. Gorsky. In “Underseashore,” bell tinkles, disembodied voices, and string tones swim within a thick cauldron of simmering noise while “Gram/Ma” begins tranquilly before swelling into an eruptive mass of clarinet croaks and cymbal accents. “Cautadum” meanders through a gloomy desert of piano tinkles, cello tones, and electrified micro-patter for twelve glassy minutes.


‘There are images in which there is nothing to see, images without trace, without shadow, without consequnecees’ wrote once Jean Baudrillard. But everything can be described, with the appropriate orchestra, that will play the exact music needed indecisive on the right time. Including that of the primarily impossible’ [review in Greek]

'Like urban afternoon soundtracks. There is a nice continuity between both acts here, although from different approaches and all in all, a nice release''

'the musical quality however is very high for both bands. Great playing, moody music, enough sense of experimentalism, make this a great CD that can easily meet the best in this otherwise not very crowded field
vital weekly

'Both bands work on structures and forms, grounded on the post-rock and electronica sounds of the early 90s , but on the contraty to many others, what they play is many steps far from the artistic death caused by post.' [review in Greek]


...Two of the new most promising Greek bands, experimenting with all the aspects of modern electronica. It starts like a dream which gradually becomes a nightmare. ' [review in Greek]

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